Monday, December 17, 2007

Weird Child-dropping ritual

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A Weird ritual of dropping children between one and five years from a height of up to 20 feet in a Karnataka village to fulfil a vow to the gods will be banned, a senior state official has said.

The annual ritual takes place in December at the Shiva Parvathi temple coinciding with the village fair in Nidoni village in Bijapur district in this southern Indian state otherwise known globally for its software and outsourcing industry.

Couples without children for a long time take a vow that if they are blessed with a child, they will have their newborn dropped from atop the Shiva Parvathi temple, said panchayat secretary Ramesh Gawari, a native of Nidoni, 550 km northwest of Bangalore.Read more.......................Bizarre child-dropping ritual faces ban in Karnataka

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are Indians really mad??? Looks like there are no child protection rights / Laws in India. Really Weird & Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Jan Erik said...

It has been said that the purpose is one of cleansing.
In case the child would have an attached soul or entity (as a mild form of possession), the dropping would scare that soul or entity to leave the child.
That makes some sense, doesn't it - at least if you accept the idea that such attachments are possible.
And if you don't, the you just don't know about it...

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said...

12:09 AM  

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