Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ghosts & Vampires Fair

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We have heard of Ghosts & Vampires but have not seen them. Obviously these are spirits & spirits are not material things which we can see with our material eyes. Normally these type of spirits / ghosts / vampires have negative influence on human beings & rarely sometimes these do have positive influence also, which are called Good Spirits.

In India you can easily find a person who is obsessed by some evil spirit. Women are more susceptible to these spirits in general. What happens is that, an evil spirit, to do some harm to a person, enters a person's body & captures the mind, senses & intellect of that person. Once a person is obsessed by some evil spirit, then that person starts behaving like an abnormal being forgetting his/her real personality & does ,whatever, evil spirit wants him/her to do. Such a person may not recognize his relatives even, gets full of super natural energy & shows irrational behavior. In India there are some Tantriks ( Persons who practice Tantras, a spiritual path of Shavite Hindu Tradition) who are capable of helping such persons obsessed by Ghosts & Vampires & they by their spiritual practice get that person rid of such Ghosts & Vampires capturing his/her body & mind.

Now in Mahuadham in Aurangabad area of Bihar-India, every year a fair is held during Navratras Durga Puja (A Hindu Festival of nine days in which Goddess Durga is worshipped). In this fair all those people who are obsessed by some evil spirit / Ghost / Vampire come in thousands from all over the nearby places & so do come the Tantriks / practitioners who treat them, especially during Navratras Durga Puja time. These persons who are obsessed by some evil spirit behave like mad man / women & many such women can be seen in this fair shaking their head up & down with great energy when casting of evil takes place on them. This fair of such people goes for nine days of Navratras Durga Puja in which generally it is said that by the grace of Goddess Durga, these Tantriks / practitioners are able to treat them & cast of the evil spirit / ghost / vampire out of that person. This fair is being held every year once, since Year 1484 & many foreigners also do come to see / attend such a weird fair in India. Can you find any such weird fair / weird happening anywhere else in the world, Yes it happens only in India.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I am scared after reading this article, really very very scary.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous bhav said...

hey even if there s a solution but god is beyond . om vasudeva namah

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:30 PM  

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