Saturday, November 10, 2007

Diwalis forever together for these twins

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AMRITSAR: Mohna and Sohna are inseparable—they are conjoined twins who can’t be surgically separated because they share vital organs.

Mohna and Sohna, which means special in Punjabi, were born to a taxi driver and his wife in 2003. The couple abandoned the children and their home now is an orphanage in Amritsar.

Four years down the line they are the orphanage’s brightest spark, spoilt and love having every one at their beck and call.

“Doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi saw the children and told us that they are inoperable.

If surgery is ever tried not only will one of them will die but the other one can’t live because of the shared organs,” says Dr Inderjeet Kaur, of the Pingalwara Charitable Society, which runs the orphanage.

The children go to school in the morning and long rides on their pram in the evening. When one wants to be free of the other they have devised their own method of making their way around the complex.

They keep the orphanage’s officials on their toes and behave like individuals on their own right.

“One is quiet and the other is not. One loves to go out and the other likes being inside. Some times they fight with each other but they are joint in the shoulder so they have to accommodate one another,” says their caretaker Kanwaljit Kaur

Kanwaljit says Mohna and Sohna love Diwali—the lights lend a sparkle to their eyes and the sisters smile at each other and enjoy the crackers from a safe distance.

Mohna and Sohna are too young to realise that they will never be independent each other but till they grow up they are loving this united life.

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