Thursday, April 12, 2007

When Temple Deity returns 'Stolen Goods'

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It is the duty of Police / Cops to catch thieves anyware in the world. Same is the case in India & whenever, a theft occurs in India, standard practice is to go to a police station & file a FIR ( First Information Report). After that it's the job of the Police to look into the matter & catch the thieves. But what would you call to a practice in a place in India where people go to a temple instead of going to Police Station when theft occurs in their place.

Yes, in India there is a place called Panvel in Raigadh district of Maharashtra State, where as per locals, a temple allegedly has the power to teach a lesson to thieves. As per the belief of local people over there, if you worship at the Cheroba temple, stolen goods will come back to you. Interestingly, thief must do so himself. He can ignore it at his own peril.

As per Zee News report, its a sort of divine police station where there is no need to file a FIR. Zee News met several people in the area who claimed that they have got back their stolen goods after offering prayers and asking for help from Lord Cheroba. In case of a theft, many living in nearby areas prefer to go there than visit the nearest police station.

The popularity of the temple is so much that, nowadays it receives visitors even from Mumbai - the commercial capital of India and nearby states also who come here hoping to get their precious belongings back. Local people often recount examples of thieves falling sick after ignoring the call of Lord Cheroba.

It may look weird to the readers but what do you call to the staunch faith of so many people in Lord Cheroba & what would you call to the claim of those people who got their belongings back after being stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Blogger ankurindia said...

interesting things happen sometimes

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