Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Water pump means Brides for unmarried villagers

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Here is an interesting story of young and middle-aged unmarried men who were unable to get married for want of drinking water. Brides just refused to marry such people who could not provide them with drinking water even. Yes, here are bachelors of Badwan, a hilly village in Kaimur district in Bihar State of India, who could not got married due to non-availability of drinking water in their area as brides simply refused to marry such persons.

But now there is good news for such bachelors. A simple hand pump set has been installed by the government ahead of 'lagan', the traditional marriage season in summer across rural Bihar that has changed their fate. Now the middle-aged unmarried men as well as their parents in Badwan village are cheerfully looking forward to marriage negotiations from families of prospective brides as the marriage season begins in the second week of April.

On several occasions in the last few years, marriage negotiations had failed to mature due to shortage of drinking water that discouraged girls' families from marrying off their daughters to men of this village.

Like dozens of unmarried men in Badwan village, Birendra Yadav and his friend Shyam Chandra Yadav, both in their late 30s, are happy as never before. 'We are sure that now girls' families will turn up at our village in search of grooms. We hope not to die unmarried thanks to the hand pump,' said Birendra. According to former village body head Ram Dayal Kharwar, around 35 to 40 men in the village over the age of 30-35 were unmarried because of the water problem.

There are thousands of such villages in India where there is still not even a single water pump set to provide drinking water to the villagers & people have to travel many miles to fetch drinking water for their daily needs. People of Badwan are lucky that they shall get married at last but what about thousands others, all across India who are awaiting Brides / Drinking water in their lives.


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