Monday, April 16, 2007

Satan Worship to seek Supernatural powers

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In Mizoram state of India tribal youths are worshipping Satan to seek supernatural powers to perform miracles. The church in the predominantly Christian northeastern state of Mizoram is grappling to fight a bizarre phenomenon.There are reports of youths invoking Satan in desolate cemeteries by offering blood from self-inflicted wounds.

‘The youths often cut their wrist with blades and then suck their own blood as an offering to Satan. They want to do wonders or miracles by invoking Satan,’ said Reverend L.H. Rawsealh, a faculty member of the Theological College investigating the weird practice.

The genesis of this trend dates back to 2000 with community elders and church leaders citing incidents of youths practicing such bizarre things inspired by television shows and films about the paranormal and the occult.

‘Most of the cases that we have heard were being practiced by youths who are drug addicts and influenced by films,’ said Reverend Chuauthuama, a senior church leader and a lecturer at the Theological College.

The revelations have shocked people in Mizoram, where close to 90 percent of the under one million people are Christians.

‘The art of black magic, demonology or maybe superstitious beliefs imbibed on these power hungry youths could be reasons,’ Chuauthuama said. In some places, the youths were reported to have desecrated church buildings and the pulpits, besides burning down Bibles.


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