Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This man wants to father 30 children

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Ignorance is never bliss. Ignorance is Ignorance most of the times & in such a condition a person does not know what he is doing or saying. Here is a classic case of a person who is enveloped by ignorance while he says that he wants to father 30 children in spite of unable to feed his present 11 children properly.

Here is a blacksmith from the Bihar state of India who has 11 children and still counting. Kapil Dev Vishwakarma, the resident of a village in Aurangabad district in Bihar says that "I will set a record for fathering at least 30 children".

His wife Sona Devi, in her early 30s, delivered her 11th baby Tuesday. "It was a happy moment for me. I hope to have a dozen by next year," remarked Vishwakarma, who earns a meager living by punching cattle shoes."

I have already made a record in my village by fathering 11 children," he said. Vishwakarma, who can barely read and write, admitted that it was difficult to manage his large family but he was not particularly worried."

Look...I have firm belief that a child is born with its own destiny. After all, god will provide him food like he does for millions born daily in the world."Sona, with the newborn in her lap, said children were god's gift to them for power and prosperity. She is against family planning.

These are the people who are responsible for the population explosion in India which has already touched 1.1 Billion & millions living in utter poverty & unable to give proper living & education to their children. These are the people who after fathering their children think that God shall take care of their children, in stead of taking care of their children themselves. Now what would you say about the weird thinking of these ignorant people!!!!!!!! Read more...............Blacksmith wants to father 30 children

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