Thursday, June 22, 2006

Non Biting Scorpios

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Scorpio - the name itself is enough to send shiver down your Spine as its Bite is enough to put Poison in your body leading to death. But just think, if such Scorpios forget their Nature of Biting!!! Yes & that too after to coming to a Saint's place. Saint , Scorpio, You might be thinking what is the relation between the two. Yes, There is.

In India , in Utter Pradesh (UP) State & in the City of Amroha over there, there is a place of a saint named " Shah Vilayat". He had been a Sufi Pir i.e. a saint of Sufi Tradition. Many people visit that place to have his blessings. The only different thing about that place is that, inside the Tomb of that saint , there are Lot of Scorpios moving around & incredibly no one bites the people who come over there. It is the Spirituality of that place only that Scorpios forget their nature of biting & become friendly to people visiting that place.

During the life time of saint Shah Vilayat , the ruler of those times asked the Saint to leave that place due to his enmity with the saint but saint did not left that place. Ruler in his anger tried to deter the saint with Scorpios but Saint Started living with those Scorpios only which due to his Spiritual Power did not Bite the saint. From that day onwards, till today, Scorpios do not bite anybody going to that place. People take these Scorpios in their hands & they behave in a friendly manner only & do not bite anybody.

Once a foreigner , who visited that place was astonished to see all that & could not believe all that. So he went to Africa & brought deadly Scorpios from Africa but they also forgot their nature of biting & become friendly to people visiting that place. Incredible, isn't it.....................

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